This statement comes from Summer of Sonic creator and co-organiser, Svend ‘Dreadknux’ Joscelyne.

After five amazing years of creating and organising the world’s best-loved Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention, I have decided to retire my position from The Summer of Sonic team. Effective immediately, I will have no involvement in the organisation of 2013’s event.

I have passed my duties and responsibilities in developing the convention to Adam Tuff (T-Bird) and Rory Joscelyne (Roareye). Having been key members of the Summer of Sonic team since its very first year, I have no doubt that they will continue to realise our vision for the show, and put on an amazing day’s worth of fun for Sonic the Hedgehog fans all over the world.

The Summer of Sonic convention is an event that will forever remain incredibly dear to me. I would like to thank everybody who’s ever been involved with the show’s development – volunteers, special guests, our collaborative partner SEGA and of course the fans that have attended and helped transform it into the international success it is today.

I will be cheering the Summer of Sonic organisation team on from the sidelines as I prepare to embark on a new adventure. Thanks again everyone – it’s been a fantastic ride!

~ Svend Joscelyne
Creator and Former Organiser, Summer of Sonic

We wish Svend all the best for the future! In the meantime, stay tuned for more exciting updates on this year’s Summer of Sonic convention!

11 Responses to Bulletin: Management Change for Summer of Sonic 2013

  1. Say whaaaa? Well I kinda saw this coming after Rory’s involvement for the past couple of years. Hope it wasn’t a decision made under a cloud Svend but all the best dude! X

    • Definitely not under a cloud! :) New adventures await for me!

      • JoelxSonic says:

        Good look in the future. Thank you for all your work in SoS. Have a chilli dog on us. :)

      • Francesca frearson says:

        Hello!……so sad you won,t be running it this year…..evy sad……she is hoping it will be the best day ever again though!……we will try our luck again tonight!.fingers crossed……her costume is sonicsational..she has transformed into sonic!! really……wishing you lots of luck in your new adventure……you will go far………xx

  2. I’m not sure what to say, other than thanks very much for setting the ball rolling with SoS – you’ve achieved your goal of setting up a meeting place for like minded Sonic fans to forge lifelong friendships. I for one am forever greatful, so thanks very much.

    I’ll buy you a drink, yeah? :)

  3. BlastedPinata says:

    Thanks for all the great work you’ve put into this over the years Svend! You’ve really brought the community together in so many ways and should be very proud of that pal :)

    Hope you’re going on to even better things and all the best for the future!

  4. Wow, unexpected!

    Jeez, all the best Svend. You did an amazing job and inspired me in countless ways. I MEAN that…

  5. Last year me and my friends could attend to the Summer of Sonic event, travelling from Italy, when all hopes were gone only because of Svend’s kindness! You helped us to realize a great dream, so all we can wish to you is all the best for your future and… thanks for all you’ve done to Sonic fans and for us! :)

  6. Thanks for all your hard work, Svend. You’ve done an amazing job, good luck for everything in the future. x

  7. Well it was nice of Dreadknux to be part of the SoS management over the years. Hope for the best of luck in the future

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