Think you’re the fastest thing alive? Summer of Sonic is your chance to prove it!

Start your engines and prepare for the ultimate Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed Challenge at this year’s event, where we will pit every ounce of your skills…against the creators of the game!

That’s right! We’re giving you the opportunity to show what you’re made of and challenge Sumo Digital game designer Tim Spencer to a race around the courses of some of the best known environments from SEGA games past and present.

The Race area will be open at several times throughout the day, where you will join fellow Summer of Sonic attendees in an effort to defeat Tim. Should you be successful in beating Tim in a three lap race, your time will be recorded – the racers with the fastest times by the end of the day will win themselves some amazing prizes!

Time to get practicing…only a few more days to go!

18 Responses to Event Announcement: Race the Developer – All Stars Racing Transformed Challenge!

  1. What console? Hoping it’s the Wii U- I own that and am used to the controls, but i’m sure to do this!

  2. Please NOT the Wii U. That controller is horrible!

  3. It’s f***ing on!!! >:D

  4. i hope it’s on the ps vita system

  5. I hope it’s either 360 or Vita. It’s ok if it’s PC or PS3 but no Wii U. I tried a demo on the Wii U and I didn’t enjoy it as much. However, I would like to try the 3DS version since I haven’t got to play it yet.

  6. Perhaps they will have it on PC, and attach Xbox 360 PS3 and Wii controllers, so players can use whichever they feel most comfortable with. (But I doubt it)

  7. Alex Magnei says:

    Hah! Bring it on suckas!

  8. candice murchie says:

    i can only play it with my iPhone and i live in Scotland..

  9. Would love to give it a go!

  10. I’m rubbish at racing games. But for some reason i’m pretty decent at this game. I won’t say how good i am, but bring it on.

  11. Nice. May give this a try

  12. hmm, I’d love to try this challenge.
    Is it on one set racetrack? or can you choose which track to face off against Tim Spencer?

    I wonder what console it will be on, probably 360 or Wii U I’m guessing; I’ve been practicing on the PC version a lot recently, so I hope I’m up for the challenge!

  13. I don’t care what console, BRING IT ON, MR. DEVELOPER MAN!!!!

  14. Joe Gardiner says:

    Alright, bring it on! I’m still only a Star rank- but I will give you my best! See ya there! :D

  15. I would love to go! And I’d rock the race, I just wish I could! Great to hear Sonic’s still gettin’ some lovin’!

  16. Sario Grove says:

    Let the races begin and make sure to bring extra rings when you crash!>:P

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