We take great pleasure in announcing the return of a fan favourite event to Summer of Sonic 2013: the cosplay contest! Do you possess the speed of Sonic? Do you have the tech skills of Tails? Or perhaps even the ego of Eggman? No matter who your favourite character is, we’d love to see all you cosplayers out there showing off your creations at the event!

Each year we are blown away by the caliber and variety of cosplayers at Summer of Sonic, and we hope that this year will be even bigger! Once again we want you, the audience to help us judge the competition! Just like in previous years, we want you to cheer (preferably as loud as you can!) for your favourite costume on stage; remember, those cheers equal all-important points for the participants!

If you want to enter the contest, you will be able to sign-up from opening time; don’t worry, we’ll make it’s easy to find! You will be given a group number upon sign up. At 2:30pm signups will close, and the group elimination stages will take place with the best costumes from each group going through to the final. The final ten cosplayers will be called to the stage later in the day, where the overall winner will be announced! We will announce when and where each group is due to gather, so keep hold of your number and come along when we call you!

We will have some fantastic prizes for the overall winner on the day, so we hope to see you guys pull off some amazing get-ups!

Planning on entering this year? Have any favourites from previous years? Let us know in the comments section below!


14 Responses to Event Announcement: Summer of Sonic Cosplay Contest


  2. Meganical says:

    I still can’t believe that I managed to come 3rd last year with some cheap Tesco clothes and a cardboard box on my head~ Good luck to those entering this year! :3

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  4. I always like participating and I’m working on a new cosplay. But I have no idea how I would get it packed and take it with me if I could finish it.

  5. Francesca frearson says:


  6. 95% finished my cosplay for this year. Looking forward to seeing you all there :)

  7. Well, time to improve my cosplay…

  8. I am doing something awesome this year and its my first time

  9. im may enter this year fingers crossed i do

  10. Me and a friend were just saying it would be really cool if there were a fan art competition as well as a cosplay contest because there’s loads of Sonic fan art about. Any plans to do something like that in the future, if not at this year’s SoS?

  11. Excited to see the amazing costumes! Will the Art competition commence this year also?

  12. Me an my sister are hopin to be able to enter the cosplay competition, were doin a last minute throw together of stuff lol X’D

    I’m just wondering if we can join as a duo in the competition, as I remember on one of the cons their was a duo … so wondering if me an my sister will be do a duo this year ^^ ?

  13. Jonathan Baker says:

    I can wait my first time doing cosplay and im going knock the sonic shoes of everyone

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