IizukasanWe’re proud to announce a special guest for Summer of Sonic 2013. It’s none other than legendary Sonic Team head, Takashi Iizuka!

That’s right, the producer behind Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World (to name but a few) will be attending the convention to answer your questions and meet with you all at our signing desk.

With that in mind, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to take part in the on-stage Q&A that will be hosted during the day. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Write your question down in the comments section of this article.
  2. We will sift through all of the questions on this page and cherry-pick the best ones to ask Iizuka-san on the day.
  3. Try to be creative and original in your questioning. It’s more likely to be picked that way!
  4. Our guests cannot give answers to probing questions about future products or game features. Asking Iizuka-san what he’s working on at the moment will likely result in an obvious response about Sonic Lost World, so keep that in mind.
  5. Please be respectful in your questioning. All of our guests work hard to create games and entertainment based on your favourite franchise, and are essentially your heroes. Try to remember that when thinking of something to ask.

We will be largely focusing on Sonic Lost World in this year’s Q&A, but if you have a good question involving Iizuka-san’s career or the Sonic franchise at large, please feel free to write it down here. We’ll be sure to include the best ones!

Details on stage schedules and signing desk times will be confirmed at a later date. Get asking!

151 Responses to Guest Announcement: Takashi Iizuka

  1. I’ve always wondered, what’s the difference between directing and producing a game?

  2. Are there plans to make the other Sonic Cast Members playable rather then sporting cameo roles?

  3. Danny Hodges says:

    Would there be any plans for a title being released for Xbox ONE?

  4. Simon Davidian says:

    Did the cancelled Sega Saturn game, Sonic X-treme, influence the 3D nature of Sonic Lost World? Many have cited its similarities :)

    • It’s already been confirmed that it wasn’t.

      “No. Not at all. Actually, the developers of this game don’t know about Sonic X-Treme so it’s all new.”

      So we could always elaborate on this with the follwing question;

      Many people have noticed the similarities between ‘Sonic Lost World’ and the cancelled ‘Sonic X-Treme’, but it was confirmed by yourself that the team didn’t know anything about that game. Since then have you shown the team any footage or details of Sonic X-Treme?

  5. Matthew Hirst says:

    what has been the best experience working as the head for sonic team and why?

  6. TheCakeMiester says:

    The boost has been the main feature of the last few games. Was it ever considered to be kept or did you want an entirely new playstyle?

  7. marcustherocker says:

    If you could go back and re-make any of the Classic Sonic titles from the 90′s, which one would you choose and why?

  8. In the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, I have noticed that the 3D level, Windy Hill in demo footage has fences blocking off sides in the tube-like surfaces, while the Wii U version allows the player to run around in full 360 degrees, being able to run on the bottom surface, leading to hidden alternate paths. It seems the 3DS version will not allow this level of exploration, why is that?

  9. Ren Francis says:

    How will the capabilities of the Wii U pad be used in the upcoming Sonic Lost World? If not, why not? If so why in that way?

  10. Kloey Miller says:

    Does Sonic loves Amy too?In Sonic X,he says “Of course I love you Amy , since always!” (in the french version of the episode 52)..So does Sonic really likes her ?

    • Stephanie says:

      in the japonese versión (the original) you can´t hear what is he saying

    • This is a nice question. It would be interesting to hear how Iizuka views the characters and how they relate to each-other.

      Sadly I don’t think Iizuka would be able to comment on anything regarding Sonic X material though.
      Sonic Team simply provided the original concept. Wheras other directors/script writers took charge of the dialogue and character development (within the TV show).

  11. sonsilv222 says:

    why out of any company did u choose nintendo to have lost world becuase they used to be your worst badnik/enemy whats changed?

  12. Gareth Roberts says:

    What is his favourite music track in the whole series?

  13. Hogfather says:

    Was DLC ever planned for Sonic Generations?

    The Casino Night DLC has been available for a long time on the Japanese Playstation Store, is there any reason why it’s not been put on western online stores?

    • THIS.

      Also. Would be interesting to find out if he would ever consider doing other levels as DLC for Generations.

      Also, Because any chance to nag him about Casino Night might increase the chances of the DLC appearing on European XBOX Live as well. Ha ha. ;)

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  15. Stephanie says:

    I have always wondered, Does Sonic have a Family? or is he orphan?

  16. Question:

    Iizuka-san, around 2005 Sonic Team was developing a rather mysterious first-person shooter title for the PlayStation 3 called “Fifth Phantom Saga”, which hasn’t been heard from since its Tokyo Game Show appearance that year. While I understand you were working at Sonic Team USA in San Francisco at the time, I was wondering if you knew whatever happened to it? Was it scrapped?

  17. Sonic Generations showed how the fans apreciate and enjoy classic gameplay:

    Would you consider the posibility to make a full, BIG (AAA) Game based only in Classic Gameplay?

    That will help the franchise to stay fresh and you will have more time to add new and cool stuff to the future 3D Sonic Games

    Also I will apreciate to have Sonic not only on WiiU (PS4 Xbox One and PC)

    • Classic Sonic isn’t coming back.

      • And at no point did Ricardo refer to ‘Classic [character/design] Sonic’

        Ricardo simply said ‘Classic gameplay’, referring to the 2D style gameplay being used in a main Console game (as opposed to a small download game, such as the Sonic 4 installments).

        I think it’s a fair question. And not one that anyone can answer so bluntly (unless you are Iizuka himself of course! ;)

  18. Is there any possibility of Tikal the Echidna returning as a playable character in spinoff Sonic games? She’s my favorite Sonic character and I really miss her.

  19. zachary oliver says:

    Dear takashi

    How do you feel about how far the sonic franchise has come, and has it affected you in any way?

  20. Mr. Iizuka! First I’d like to thank you and all of SEGA so much for creating the best Video Game IP of all time. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life playing Sonic games, and has helped me through the good and the bad. Anyway, I have a question regarding Lost Worlds: Will we see Sonic return to any familiar places aside from Lost Hex? And will each member of the Deadly Six fit the theme of each zone they are in? I’m very excited for the game and you guys keep being awesome.

  21. Joe Gardiner says:

    Are there any plans to reimplement Chao Gardens in the future? I love them a lot and know many other people who also love them!

  22. Excluding series Sonic has already crossed over with (such as Super Mario, Smash Bros, Megaman etc.), what other series would you like the Sonic the Hedgehog series to crossover with?

  23. Hello, Mr. Iizuka-San! Firstly, I would like to thank you for all your work on the Sonic games – they have given me some of my greatest gaming memories, ever since I started playing on the Mega Drive at the age of 6!

    Sonic Generations was an incredible game in my opinion, and I felt your team – having made excellent progress in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours – finally tuned the 3D Sonic stages and controls to a point where not only did they work, but they were a joy to navigate and play.

    Bearing that in mind, what made you decide to change direction when planning the control system and stage layout in Sonic: Lost World? Was there apprehension amongst Sonic Team to risk changing what could be perceived as a working formula? Do you feel the change in direction will be worth it?

    • They couldn’t keep doing the same thing forever. I honestly didn’t like the formula, and I can think of a few other people I know who didn’t. I’m glad the people who DID like them have them now, but it was really time to move on…

      (Unfortunately, Lost World isn’t exactly what I had in mind, either, though.)

  24. ViniciusLC says:

    Considering the plans to release the next 3 games only on Nintendo platforms, are there any plans to bring downloadable games that were skipped on the Wii to the Wii U (like SA2HD, Sonic 4 Ep. 2, CD and maybe even a DL version of Generations)?

  25. Do you intend to bring back Fang/Nack into the series ? He is a fan-favourite.

  26. Lee Seymour says:

    When you start production on a new Sonic Game do you all sit down and say which new animal shall we base our new character on? Or do you ever ask yourselves, ok we have a few characters that havent been in the franchise in awhile (Mighty & Fang/Nack) shall we update them so that theyve been given a new lease of life?

  27. Are there currently plans for other characters of the Sonic universe to be playable in future games? If that’s so would they share a similar gameplay as Sonic like in the Genesis games or will they have their own kind of gameplay like in the Adventure games?

  28. sporeboy100 says:

    what was the inspiration to designing the Sinister Six

  29. Dr Spudhead says:

    Mr Iizuka, if you could add a level from each era (classic, dreamcast, modern) from different games (e.g Sonic 3, Shadow etc) to Generations, which would they be?

  30. Is it a possibility that after the Nintendo exclusivity deal, we will see Sonic on the other next generation consoles? Are you excited about working with these platforms in the future?

  31. Dominic Shaw says:

    If there was one more thing you could do with the Sonic Series before the end of the world, what would you do? (E.g. Specific cross-over, hardcore mature storyline etc etc)

  32. BlueTidalGamer says:

    First of all thank you Mr Iizuka for all your hard work on the current games. I love this franchise and your work continues to shine with each entry.

    My question to you is related to Sonic Lost World. When creating the new style of gameplay, was it hard to decide what mechanics from recent games like Colours and Generations to keep and remove in order to make a new experience that felt new whilst familiar?

  33. Dr Robotnk says:

    Sonic 4 Episode 3: is it a possibility at all? – will Sonic 4 ever be sold boxed?

  34. Scarzzypan says:

    We all know what Sonic’s favourite food is, but what’s his most hated food he can’t even bare to look at?

  35. Are there any plans for a possible sequel to Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg? Also, will games such as Sonic jump & Sonic Dash ever be made playable on the Windows phone?

  36. Pete Murphy says:

    Mr. Iizaka,

    Could you describe the planning process behind the design of Sonic: Lost World? How did the concept of a revolving world come about, and were there any difficulties in implementing that to Sonic’s gameplay style?

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  38. Super_Saiyan_Shadow says:

    Are you planning on a new sonic adventure game anytime soon?

  39. Will we see future sonic games going back to the really catchy electronic music like they were in the Genesis titles? It was a large factor on their re-playability, popularity and enjoyment. That genre of music fits Sonic Games best. Would you also consider asking Daft Punk or the like to make such a soundtrack?

  40. Chris Grimmy says:

    Will Sonic the Hedgehog return as a veteran fighter in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS?

  41. Will there ever be a Sonic Adventure 3?

  42. My question is will there another sonic tv series and movie?

  43. Javan Reid says:

    Do you plan on making a Sonic game for ps3 or/and ps4?

  44. Alexander says:

    What is your favorite Sonic game?

  45. Will you bring back Crush 40 for the soundtrack of the next game? They have created some of the most iconic songs the series has ever produced.

    Not Sonic related but Sonic Team related, are we ever getting PSO2 in the West?

  46. Devan O'Connor says:

    Will sonic come back onto the new smash bros game in 2014?

  47. billy adkin says:

    are you guys going to create games like sonic adventure 3 and do a hd remake on classic sonic games?

  48. Iizuka, In the past you made the statement that if enough people wanted a Sonic Adventure 3 that you guys at Sega would make it. Are you guys now in consideration of making a Sonic Adventure 3 now?

  49. Dan Giblet says:

    I would just like to know why exactly Sonic’s friends are no longer playable in the main series. And is there actually a new Sonic animated series in development?

  50. Taku Briggs says:

    Are there any possibilities of Sonic Lost World getting DLC in the near future, after its release by any chance ?

  51. Are there plans to make an actual Mario & Sonic Platformer, rather than a Sports Spinoff?

  52. Will we ever see that Sonic and All stars Racing Transformed DLC we voted on?

  53. Ian Schwabe says:

    I have a few questions:
    1. How soon will there be a Sonic Lost World demo for Wii U, if one is planned?
    2. Do you guys plan on putting Sonic games on the Wii U eShop, such as Sonic CD or SA2 HD?
    3. Will the Chao Garden come back? I love those, and others will say the same.
    4. Do you plan on bringing any more mainstream Sonic games to mobile platforms, such as Sonic 3 & Knuckles or the Adventure games?
    5. Where the heck are Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel?

  54. felisha marie says:

    I wish we could design our own sonic character and play online or offline. Also make game with princes sally vunny rabbot and other older characters.

  55. can y’all please make a sonic game that has nothing but sonic characters in it like smash bros but only sonic an his friends

  56. Dear Mr. Takashi Iizuka how long do you believe sonic lost world’s story will be.

  57. J. Gavin says:

    Mr. Iizuka does Sonic Team have any plans on making a new Chao Garden.
    P.S (Sonic Lost World looks amazing good luck)

  58. Are there any plans for a Sonic Adventure 3 game? Plenty of fans want it, and not all of us are happy with the lack of Sonic’s friends in recent games. Please & Thanks!

  59. Hi Mr. Iizuka,

    First off, I would like to thank you and your team for some outstanding Sonic games in recent years. My goal is to not make this sound like a typical “I want this character back!” request, because I know the series is first and foremost, about Sonic. However, I must address the fact that Shadow has been absent from the main series (minus his rival battle in Sonic Generations) for nearly seven years now. Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was his last major appearance.

    Now, I made it clear that I wasn’t going to just cry for Shadow to be in the next game, but he was once one of the major characters in the series. He was so popular in fact, that his own game sold very well despite not having Sonic’s name in the title. I just find it strange that he has been pushed to the side for so long. Perhaps the feeling is that he would not fit in well with the more lighthearted direction the series has taken? If that’s the case, the story does not need to be dark and realistic to include him in a game (see Sonic Heroes). Shadow is a favorite among many Sonic fans just as Tails is, and I would love to see him have a prominent role in a main Sonic title again, playable or not.

    Are there any plans for Shadow to appear in future Sonic titles, or has he pretty much been eliminated (for the most part) from the series?

    I thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.


  60. The Ao erizo says:

    Dear Mr. Izuka,

    Some people might say that the Sonic Riders series died with Sonic Free Riders (not coming from my mouth, just so you know). I for one adore that trilogy and was wondering: have you ever considered giving the “Riders” series another go? Or will it be like both of the “Adventure” games and possibly given an HD update? Speaking of HD updates, whatever happened to Sonic Heroes? Or am I just wishfully thinking too much?

    Also, I wish you and the rest of Sonic Team the best of luck with your future projects, especially in the area of music.

    Thank you for your time!

  61. Do you think SEGA would consider partnering up with Nintendo indefinitely for more exclusive titles? Sonic Lost World looks to be the best Sonic game ever and I think Sonic is a perfect fit on Nintendo’s consoles.

  62. Are there any plans for a more involved, epic, fleshed-out storyline sometime in the near future?

  63. Dr Spudhead says:

    Mr Iizuka, is there any levels from games that didn’t appear in Generations, like Shadow and Sonic 3, that you’d personally have liked to put in?

  64. Not directly a question: Iizuka thinks that most fans prefer to play only with Sonic and Sonic alone. I think this is wrong, so I would love if you could do what I already tried to spontaneously convince you to do last year (alas, without success).

    Please tell Iizuka-San that his opinion of making only Sonic playable might be wrong, and that many fans would love to see he other characters (Tails, Amy, Knuckles etc.) playable too, and not just in mini-games, but with their own storylines (as it was in “Sonic Adventure”). Then let the fans at the event vote on this by applauding, first to the question if they want only Sonic playable, then to the question if they want ALL characters playable & with their own stories. Since Summer of Sonic has a good mix of fans of all ages, genders, interests etc., IMHO this is the best way to convince him that his current opinion is wrong. And in case the ‘just Sonic’ option gets more of the applause, I’ll never mention that subject again…

    • I hate playing as all the different characters and am much happier to see Sonic be the only playable character as opposed to having to play as “friends” with terrible gameplay styles. Tails was fine in the older games (as he controlled the same as Sonic but had flight abilities), and Knuckles was fine in the older games (as he controlled the same as Sonic, but had gliding/climbing abilities).

      But I can’t stick having to hunt for emeralds, or go fishing, or stomp around in giant robots, or whatever else I have to do that isn’t just good old platforming.

      Besides, I hardly think that the opinions of 900 people are enough to really determine what the majority vote is overall.

      • The people at SoS will provide a good representative mix of ‘Sonic Fans’ (not counting the ‘very young’ ones probably, but it’s the older fans where the big money sits anyway. ;)

        If they follow my suggestion, then YOU can applaud at the “play only as Sonic” option. Me, I would just LOVE to have Tails or Amy with separate stories and seeing their characters evolve more. Hasn’t to be ‘Big’ or ‘E102′…

  65. Charlie "Mister Neowl" Woodward says:

    How much did the level design change throughout the development of Sonic 3 (& Knuckles)? Where there any levels that were worked on, but ultimately dropped from the finished product?

  66. Do you think we will be here in 22 years time celebrating all things Sonic the Hedgehog?

  67. I have £1million in my back pocket. Is this enough to develop the next Sonic game? How much does it cost to develop a game from idea to finished product?

  68. Hi Iizuka-san!

    With NiGHTS being re-released in HD along with fairly recent updates to Samba De Amigo and Chu Chu Rocket over the last few years, do you think we will ever see a HD re-release of Burning Rangers? I find it to be the most underated game made by Sonic Team. Many thanks :)

  69. mr. izuka , is there any plans for sonic on ps4?

  70. Dear Iizuka-San

    Since Sonic Lost World is being made specifically for Nintendo consoles, does this mean future titles will be developed solely for Nintendo consoles too? and if so, why did you come to this decision?



  71. Sonic is unique in providing a visual roller coaster ride and great scenery as you enjoy the platforming.

    When designing stages for Sonic, what comes first from these elements? Do you come up with concrete stage designs before applying the breathtaking visual environments and cinematic set-pieces, or does the environmental design and concept art inspire what direction to go with the stage design and geometry?

  72. will sonic ever be on a sega console again

  73. Makayla McLeod says:

    Dear Takashi Iizuka,

    For the next 3 new Sonic games. What will the last one be called and what game system will it be for?

  74. Owen Roberts says:

    If you could remake one Sonic game, what would it be and why?

  75. kyle gangi says:

    Will we ever see the chao garden again?

  76. Kenderick Frison says:

    My question is why will Sonic games be only exclusive to nintendo? What about xbox and playstation players? I’m a big fan i don’t want to buy a new system, that’s the same gen, to play it.

  77. I don’t know if you were part of the development of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) or if you were part of Sonic and the Secret Rings instead. But if you were part of Sonic 2006, what happened in development? What were the team doing and thinking at the time?

    • I can confirm he had nothing to do with Sonic 2006 or Secret Ring’s development.
      I believe he’s only credited as a ‘Special Thanks’ in both those games.

      After ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’. Iizuka worked on Sonic Riders, then the Sonic Rivals PSP games. After that, he only worked on a few spinoffs until Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors, where he was back to producing/directing again.

      Although it would be very interesting to hear his actual thoughts on both those games you mentioned. (especially Sonic ’06) :)

  78. we will see sonic in super smash bros
    what will be the three Nintendo exclusive sonic game
    it will be thier sonic 4 episode 3 or sonic 5

  79. Brandon Roberts says:

    Will their ever be another sonic adventure game? Or another spinoff like shadow the hedgehog? I wish you, Sega and sonic team good luck and to have fun creating your future projects.

    ~Brandon and Sonic The Hedgehog

  80. Daniel Benson says:

    Mr. Iizuka,

    Allow me to say that I am honored to have you as a guest on Summer of Sonic 2013! For my questions:

    1) I listened to last year’s Q & A event and you voiced the opinion of you believing that the majority of Sonic fans would not want to see any of Sonic’s friends (mainly Tails, Knuckles, and Amy) be playable in future main Sonic games. My question is; Have you and Sonic Team reached out to the masses and openly polled them (internet, face-to-face or otherwise) as to whether or not they want Sonic’s friends to be Optional Playable Characters in future main games?

    2) What is your opinion of storytelling in Sonic games? Many Sonic fans have openly questioned the depth of storytelling in recent Sonic games (Colors and Generations)and the general feeling is that there is something lacking in the storytelling department. That appears to be the general consensus.

    3) Do you have any (brief or detailed) comment on the recent issue regarding Archie Comics and Ken Penders? Do you have any comment on why Sega needed to get involved in this issue and what came about from the results of the Archie/Ken trial over character rights?

  81. Peter Freeman says:

    It is a pleasure to ask you some questions, Iizuka-san! I only have a few!

    1- Since Sega and Nintendo have a partnership in place, I would like to get your thoughts on the technology of the Nintendo Wii U. Can you comment on the specifics of the Wii U’s technology and its core features? Which of these technological features are you thinking about using for Sonic games?

    2- This has been a hot topic among Sonic fans, so I couldn’t help but ask you this. It’s been a hot debate for a few years as to whether or not Tails, Knuckles and Amy (and others) should be optional playable characters in main storyline Sonic games. This is coming from what I have gathered. Why is there a reluctance from Sonic Team to make Tails, Knuckles and Amy optional playable characters in Sonic’s main games? Is it because of what video game reviewers like IGN, Game Informer and the like say about Sonic’s friends that influence Sonic Team? Is it because Sonic Team wants to hold Sonic’s friends’ potential back within reason? I am only curious, sir.

    3- Can you comment on the current state of the Video Game Industry and the rumors going around that video game technology has upgraded to its ceiling? Can you comment on the rumors floating through gaming communities that the Video Game Industry may have a crash similar to the crash of 1983? These are only rumors, of course.

  82. Chris Postin says:

    Hi mr.Iizuka, I love the work you’ve done in recent sonic games and think lost worlds is looking great. Where do you plan in going with the blue blur next, after lost worlds?

  83. Oscar Rock says:

    Why do you think character such as Mighty the Armadillo and Heavy and Bomb aren’t as popular as other characters in the Sonic Universe?

  84. Louis DeCarlo says:

    Hello, Mr. Iizuka. I was just wondering why Knuckles Chaotix has not been rereleased for any other consoles. Since the Chaotix have made appearances in games like Sonic Heroes and Sonic Generations, I believe that it would be nice if we were able to learn about where the Chaotix initially got their start. Thank you.

  85. Joshua_89 says:

    Iizuka-San, as a passionate Sonic fan, I appreciate all that you’ve done for the Sonic franchise. I do have questions on my mind that I hope you’ll answer.

    #1 – In your view, what’s the difference between “Optional” and “Mandatory” as far as playable characters in Sonic games are concerned? Some fans see different playable formulas in Sonic games. For example, the Classic Sonic games, i.e. Sonic 3 and Knuckles, featured the “Optional” playable character formula where you could choose to play as either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. On the other hand, the Sonic Adventure series featured some levels where the player was forced to play as Sonic and then as different characters following checkpoints. Where do you come down on that?

    Question B – How important is character development to you when it comes to Sonic characters? In this era that some people call the “Sonic Only Era”, Sonic gets development from being both the main playable focus in a game and from cutscenes. On the flip side, some say that Sonic’s friends don’t have nearly as much time to grow and develop as characters just by being in cutscenes. There’s a stigma going around that Sonic’s friends are just “glorified cheerleaders” (other fans’ words, not mine).

    C or 3? – Have you ever considered holding a contest for Sonic fans to compete in, such as the winner or winners would win a trip to the official Sega of Japan and Sonic Team Headquarters for a tour and some interaction?

    #4 – Will Tails, Knuckles and Amy return to being optional playable characters in future Sonic games?

    Many thanks.

  86. Andrew Thorne says:

    Being that Tails, Knuckles and Shadow have had their own games, will any other characters get theirs?

  87. NegaMetallix says:

    I have a few questions (I don’t mind which one gets answered):

    1) I heard that you worked on the Sonic Rivals PSP games, and I’m curious: Have you ever considered giving some more obscure characters such as Eggman Nega a bigger role in a 3D main Sonic game?

    2) Can you elaborate on how/why the Wisps are on the Lost Hex, or will it be explained in-game?

    3) Is it just a coincidence that almost every doppelganger in the series (notably Gemerl, Eggman Nega, Shadow Android and Metal Sonic 3.0) are coloured in black and yellow/gold, or does Sonic Team just have a thing for that colour scheme?

    4) After doing some research, I learned that Generations had quite a bit of cut content (such as a cutscene in Crisis City). Was this due to meeting deadlines, or were there other reasons?

    5) How easy/difficult was it to make the gameplay transition from Generations to Lost World?

    And finally…
    6) Seeing as this year’s SoS is Metal Sonic/Badnik-themed, do you think that Metal Sonic might get his own spin-off game in the future (without counting Sonic 4: Episode Metal)?

    Sorry for the long list; there are just so many questions that I’ve wanted to ask.

  88. Greetings Iizuka-san!

    1. Going back to when you were developing Sonic Adventure. Was there anything at the time you would’ve liked to have done differently but couldn’t due to the limitations of the hardware and/or due to time constraints?

    2. Regarding Sonic Lost World now. We see that the Wisps have returned to assist Sonic once more. What was your reasoning to bring them back since their debut in Sonic Colours?

  89. zjumpchance says:

    Hello Mr. Iizuka!

    1) If you could bring back one retired Sonic character and repackage it, who would it be? (Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Fang/Nack, Bark the Polar Bear, etc.)

    2) What are your thoughts on the optional playable character and the mandatory playable character setups? Over the years, Sonic games have had different setups as to how Sonic characters were playable. In a game like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, players had the option of playing as either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles before beginning the game. In a game like Sonic Adventure, though, players would start a level as Sonic and then from checkpoint to checkpoint, it was mandatory for players to finish levels as Tails, Knuckles, Amy, etc.

    3) How important is character development in Sonic games? Recently, only Sonic has had much room to develop as a character through gameplay and cutscenes, while his friends have only had time to grow as characters through cutscenes. Does being playable factor into having more or less character development?

  90. Question Mr. Iizuka.

    Out of all the characters in the Sonic universe which one of the characters is one of your favourites?

  91. Since the Wii-U is already an outdated console hardware-wise, will “Sonic Lost World” be available for PC too?

  92. Why are Sonic ‘phone’ games first and foremost produced for the iPhone and not in equal time and comparable effort for Android phones? Sure, iPhone games are easier to do, but Android users represent quite a bit of the market too…

    Why do different characters in Sonic ‘phone’ games play just as Sonic? E.g. Tails in “Sonic Jump” or “Sonic Dash” can’t make any real use of his flying ability, nor do the obstacles and tracks do his flying abilities justice. When integrating (and selling) different characters for a ‘phone’ game, it should be more than just changing the image…

  93. Superbluelightning says:

    At the end of the main story in the new upcomming game Sonic lost world, can you make enable us fans to play as other characters on both the consoles such as Shadow who can use his chaos spear to stun, Silver who can use the gyro controls to attack/telekinesis, Blaze for reference to the sonic rush series and Super sonic, to mention but a few, or at least make them extra missions such as ‘use _______ character to collect_____ rings/animals’. even though it is nice to play as Sonic, it would be nice to play as other characters as an unlockable content.

  94. Omega 112 says:

    Will there be more sonic games on the xbox 360 or xbox one and i dont mean sonic (& sega) racing ones, i mean proper sonic games?

  95. Perla Matos says:

    Will marine the raccoon,shade the echidna,or tikal the echidna return in a future game?

  96. Perla Matos says:

    Will the 2005-2010 voice cast return any time soon?

  97. Perla Matos says:

    Will mighty the armadillo,ray the squirrel,and honey the cat return in a future game?

  98. Perla Matos says:

    Will sonic X return for a season 4 and possible more seasons with newer characters such as marine the raccoon,metal sonic,E-123 omega,silver the hedgehog,blaze the cat,and possible others?

  99. RascalMissouri174 says:

    Iizuka-San, thanks for taking out time to answer some questions and hopefully you can answer one of my questions. Thank you so much!

    1) Have you ever thought about having Sonic and his friends compete in a spin-off baseball game? Being a baseball fan, I like to come up with custom statistics for the Sonic characters, such as having Tails be on the mound as a Starting Pitcher, Sonic hitting for Triples and stealing bases, and Knuckles blasting home runs left and right with his power.

    2) How much do video game reviewing companies, or video game journalists in general, affect you and Sonic Team when it comes to planning for upcoming Sonic games? How much criticism from game reviewers is considered too much criticism?

    3) I will admit that I’m a fan of the Chaotix, and mainly Espio, but I really miss seeing them on a more regular basis. How great of a chance do the Chaotix have in being optional playable characters in any Sonic games down the road? Plus, how much do you think Sonic really needs his friends for any of his future adventures?

    I look forward to SoS even though I can’t go!

  100. ~YoungTuttle~ says:

    Mr. Iizuka, I’m a Tails fan trying to get used to the new generation of video games. Thanks for the Q&A.

    1) I am a proud Tails fan and I’d like to see Tails discover more of his potential in the future. I have Tails questions. For you and Sonic Team, is it ever hard to find a balance between Tails’ high intelligence and his young child emotions? Some fans have talked about Tails having too much of one or the other aspect in adventures.

    2) I know you have said that people don’t want to have Sonic’s friends to be optional playable characters in main Sonic games, but I (and many other Tails fans) don’t seem to agree, Iizuka-San. Could you explain to us the main reasons why Sonic Team doesn’t wish to develop Tails as a playable character? Does it involve certain gameplay mechanics Tails could have that are different than Sonic’s gameplay mechanics?

    3) Would you be opposed to having characters like Tails, Knuckles and Amy basically adopting Sonic’s gameplay mechanics but with tweaks that would fit their special abilities? Examples are Tails would have a chunk of Sonic’s abilities but to a point, especially when he flies with his two tails? Knuckles playing like Sonic but with emphasis on his climbing and gliding? And Amy spin dashing but also using her Piko Piko Hammer?

  101. Jennifer says:

    If you could have Sonic team up and create a game with another popular video game character or franchise (other than Mario) which character/franchise would you like?

  102. SuperFlanny7 says:

    Hello Mr. Iizuka! Sonic Team’s hard work gives this fan joy! Thanks!

    Now for questions…

    * What is the inspiration for the comedy scenes in Sonic games? I mean, what do you look at to pinpoint the humor you want to get across? What kind of humor do you want in Sonic games?

    * I’m a supporter of having Sonic’s friends return to some playable format in future main Sonic games. I was surprised to hear that you believe that most fans don’t really want to play as cool characters like Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, etc. Are the reasons for not having Sonic’s friends be playable mostly related to overall level designing, budget concerns or something else like video game reviewers harshly criticizing Sonic’s friends?

    * For any features in a Sonic game, whether it be useable items, potential bonus cutscenes or playable characters, would you prefer the optional format before you start a level or the mandatory format during or after a level?

    Stay classy and creative, Mr. Iizuka-san! Take care!

  103. sheezy93 says:

    i have some questions for Mr. Iizuka :3

    do u know who made samba de amigo? (i can’t seem find the original name but it said it was made by team sonic and sega)

    wil there’s remake samba de amigo soon? (i would love to help with this! i suppose samba de amigo! w<

  104. needlemouse42 says:

    I noticed there was a an art section with artwork from Knuckles Chaotix in the Museum section of Sonic Gems Collection. Is this a implication that Knuckles Chaotix was originally planned to be included with Gems Collection?

  105. KeshiHowado says:

    Iizuka-san, What do you think of the semi dissapointing game Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)?

  106. Richard Brickman says:

    Hi Mr. Iizuka-San! You can call me Rich if you want! Nice to have you answer questions for us Sonic fans!

    - My two most favorite Sonic characters are Tails and Knuckles, but I like Amy Rose too. It concerns me quite a bit that you claimed that the majority of gamers aren’t interested in playing as Sonic’s friends in main Sonic games again. I feel that it comes down to gameplay mechanics and character development before judging a character at first glance. My question: Will Tails, Knuckles, Amy and other friends of Sonic become playable again in main Sonic games before the year 2020?

    - Do you have any comment on the Archie Comics and Ken Penders character rights issue, and why Sega had to step in?

    - How is Yasushi Yamaguchi, the creator of Miles “Tails” Prower, doing? Have you kept in contact with him? Do you talk to him about Tails once in a while?

  107. FlyingWithoutWings says:

    It’s a pleasure hear from you again, Iizuka-San! I have a few questions to ask! I hope people are enjoying SoS!

    1) From top to bottom, as optional playable characters in main story Sonic games, as characters in cutscenes, and as marketable parts in the series, how do you view Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Amy Rose? I mean, what do you really like the most about them in these areas?

    2) What inspires you and Sonic Team when you make desert-themed levels in Sonic games? I mean, what are the main roots of your inspiration?

    3) What’s your opinion on video game journalism, such as video game reviewing? How accurate is video game reviewing?

    4) How did Sonic Team arrive at making the name Dr. Eggman? is there any sort of Sonic Team backstory for that?

  108. big_smile says:

    In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, when Sonic first goes to Hidden palace, the Chaos Emeralds are transformed into the Super Emeralds and get a new appearance. In later games, they have kept this new appearance, but are still called Chaos Emeralds.
    Could you tell us the story about why they transformed?

    In Sonic Adventure 2, Dr Eggman blows up half the moon. In the next game, Sonic Advance, the moon is whole again and the final level even takes place on the moon. When did the moon get repaired?

    In Sonic 3 & Knuckles introduced Hyper Sonic, Super/Hyper Knuckles and Super Tails. These characters haven’t been seen again, although we have seen new Super characters such as Super Shadow, Super Silver and Burning Blaze. How come the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Super/Hyper characters are no longer used?

    Why doesn’t Tails follow Sonic around anymore? It made playing as Sonic less lonely!

  109. superbluelightning says:

    I have another question.
    A good friend of mine liked hydrocity in sonic 3 and knuckles, my question is: will there be a remake of hydrocity in sonic lost world water stage. If there is, my friend will be extremely happy…

  110. CarlEdge4903 says:

    Iizuka-San, I hope you’re having a great time hanging out with Sonic fans at SoS!

    How often does Sonic Team pay attention to video game reviewers, whether they’re professional or just passionate amateur reviewers?

    Do you find it plausible to have Sonic’s friends use most of Sonic’s core gameplay mechanics in Sonic games but also have just a small tweak that will cater to their own signature abilities?

    Do you oppose Sonic’s friends (Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, etc.) becoming optional (and not mandatory) playable characters in future main storyline Sonic games? What would it take to get them back?

    Do you think Knuckles should have a more defined backstory than just being a guardian for the Master Emerald?

    I hope you’re having a good summer, Iizuka-San!

  111. DangerDogmd says:

    Hi Mr. Iizuka-san! I’m an aspiring writer who would like to get into the Video Game Industry one day!

    Would Sonic Team (and Sega) like to create some sort of online or in-person academy for scriptwriters who aspire to join the Video Game Industry but don’t have the experience that established professional writers have? Would you like to make a few schools dedicated to scriptwriting for video games?

    We know this won’t happen in Sonic Lost World, but for a future canon Sonic game, would you be open to the idea of bringing back Sonic’s friends, like Tails, Knuckles and Amy, as optional playable characters if you had the right gameplay mechanics and storylines for them?

    I’ve been curious to ask you this, but have you kept in contact with any former Sonic Team employees? Do you still contact people like Yasushi Yamaguchi, the creator of my favorite two-tailed fox Tails?

    Shout out to all the fans of Sonic’s friends who are proud to support them! Take care, Iizuka-san!

  112. Ryan Harvey says:

    I have always wondered what was reason for Colours/Generations type of gameplay and are you going to be going back to the roots of Sonic’s 3D Gameplay or Stick with the same gameplay of Colors/Generations

  113. OregonDuck-814 says:

    Hello Mr. Iizuka-San! This is a fan from the state of Oregon! I visited England once and it was awesome! Here are my questions!

    What kind of theme for a potential Sonic level haven’t you used yet but would like to use in the future? Colosseum Zone? Spice Zone? Australian Outback Zone?

    As a fan of the Sonic series, I’m partial towards Knuckles. I miss playing as Knuckles in a big time, main canon Sonic game, and I know many others miss playing as Knuckles too. In the future, will Sonic Team consider having Knuckles, Tails and Amy as optional playable characters in main Sonic games?

    If you could go into detail a little bit, what kind of storyteller do you and Sonic Team see yourselves as? What’s the message you want to get across to fans? What’s the lesson you want fans to learn through a Sonic story? What kind of impact do you want Sonic stories to have?

    Do you have any comment on the Ouya? Are you intrigued by it?

  114. Craig Sargent says:

    What is your own personal opinion on Sonic ’06 and do you think it deserves the hate it gets?

  115. Tristan Dowling says:

    Hello Mr. Iizuka-San! My name is Tristan and I have questions to ask! I wish you and Sonic Team the best!

    Can you explain to us in further detail why you believe the majority of people (fans, critics and miscellaneous) don’t want Sonic’s friends to be active optional playable characters? I discuss character playability all the time with my friends and we agree that Tails, Knuckles and Amy have more to give as playable characters.

    After introducing a character, whether a one-time character or a mainstay character, when do you feel that character has reached its potential? What’s Sonic Team’s ceiling of true potential for any Sonic character? Any certain categories?

    When Dr. Eggman comes up with a plan to take over the world (or something else sinister), what’s the core inspiration that Sonic Team and their writers get when they give Eggman his sinister plans?

  116. JoeySpiers110 says:

    Iizuka-San, some questions from a curious Sonic fan.

    What’s the main inspiration behind Sonic Team’s creation of the Wisps? Where did you get the inspiration?

    Many fans would like to see Professor Pickle from Sonic Unleashed return in a future Sonic game. Would you like to bring Professor Pickle back?

    According to Sonic Team, what are considered valid and invalid criticisms when video game reviewing companies review Sonic games? Examples: Gameplay, Involvement of Sonic’s friends, Storytelling

  117. I can't come up with a name. :( says:

    How did you get into making sonic games?

  118. Mila Maker says:

    What ever happened to the sequel to sonic chronicles?

  119. The person asking the question says:

    If I wanted to get into the sonic making industry what would you recommend I do? Like an example would be if want to be a programmer, game designer,etc.

  120. That one guy says:

    How you ever seen sonic fanficton? If yes, what do you think of it?

  121. The game name “Sonic Urals” seems to float around on the internet. If this is really a planned game / working title, can you tell us anything about it yet?

  122. Will there be something like a Sonic RPG coming out? One where you can add any characters you want to your party and choose your character?

  123. Some guy on the internet says:

    On tszz news there was a list of projects for the future. One of the things read “sonic reboot”. Is it possible your rebooting the franchise?

  124. Hello Iizuka-san,

    As a long-time Sonic fan, it’s nice to see that Sonic Lost World seems to be drawing a lot of inspiration from the “classic” games – with levels resembling Green Hill and Casino Night, classic animals popping out of classic badniks, Sonic’s running animation resembling the one from Sonic CD, etc. Is this in any part due to the popularity of Sonic Generations and its re-imagining of classic levels? If not, then what did inspire this change in direction for the series?

  125. Coolkj90 says:

    Hi Lizuki san

    I have just a few questions for you. :P

    Considering lost worlds is going more towards 3d gameplay could this mean a return of chao and other playable characters or have wisps officially replaced chao and the rest of sonic’s friends been outcasted?

    In terms of plot and amount of levels for future games do you plan on keeping things simple or adding more in depth plot like sa2 and 06 plus replay value?

    Could you ever make use of the fans creativity by letting us use our own fan characters in a game for example maybe making a sonic mmo rpg where you can play as your fan character and help sonic rather than play as him?

    In terms of level design do you plan on carrying on re using old levels such as green hill zone or will we see new places that sonic has never been to before?

    In terms of music will we just keep seeing remixes of old songs for sonic or will we see new music again such as main theme songs sung by our fave band crush 40?

    Do you have any plans for ps4 or xbox1 maybe the next gen sonic game and how do you feel about how much xbox charging to pay to play and sony’s ps plus subscription to play in short how do you feel about pay to play?

  126. Hogfather says:

    Since Sonic is over 20 years old with a huge history. Is there any chance we can get a giant artbook filled with just artwork and concept art from the Sonic series?

  127. BlastedPinata says:

    When Sonic 4 and Colours released, there was a split into the two types of fan, classic 2D Sonic fans and those who enjoy more 3D, fast paced experiences.
    With Generations you brought together these two types of gameplay. Going forward, do you think you’ll continue to make one type of Sonic game to please all the fans, or will you continue solely 2D games such as the Sonic 4 saga as well as the 3D games like Lost World?

  128. Hello Iizuka-san,

    Seeing that the classic styled Sonic games are making their revival, is there a chance that somewhere down the line the Adventure games will have their comeback too? With the other characters having major roles once more by being playable rather than simply appearing?

  129. ChuckieD says:

    Hello Mr. Iizuka-San! I hope you’re enjoying the summer! I’m just trying to stay cool with the air conditioning. lol Now for questions!

    1) This is a vintage question. When you guys were developing that racing game Sonic R, what were you originally trying to accomplish with the gameplay mechanics? What goals did you have listed for Sonic R’s gameplay?

    2) To Sonic Team, how important is storytelling in Sonic games? With all the cutscenes in the games, what messages does Sonic Team want to send? Some critics and fans have said that they haven’t felt the overall impact of the stories of the recent Sonic games. Some have said they couldn’t understand what the stories really wanted to be.

    3) Although they’re not needed for every single Sonic game, many friends I know and myself are strong supporters of bringing back Sonic’s friends to become optional playable characters in main Sonic games again. In particular, my friends and I have soft spots for Tails, Knuckles and Amy. When would you like to bring back Tails, Knuckles and Amy as optional playable characters?

    Hopefully it’s not too hot over there in England! Thanks for your time, Iizuka-San!

  130. DoctorBomb says:

    Mr. Iizuka-san, thanks for having another Q & A session with us Sonic fans! I have a few questions of my own to ask!

    #1 How pleased are you from the results of Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Episode 2? Has Sonic Team taken in all the feedback from the fans? How do you guys feel about that feedback?

    #2 Thinking about elements such as the Chaos Emeralds, the Wisps and the Chao, what would you say would be the main purpose of these elements by viewing it through a spiritual lense? I’m curious to know the inspiration, Iizuka-san.

    #3 The Sonic community knows that you talked about this before, but we’d like to know the specifics. Why do you and Sonic Team feel the majority of people, (fans, critics and the like) wouldn’t want to have Sonic’s friends come back as playable characters in main Sonic games in the future? I’ve talked to other fans about this issue and they feel like with the right gameplay mechanics and character development, Tails, Knuckles, Amy (and maybe a few more?) would be fun to play as again.

  131. StardustDestiny says:

    Hello Iizuka-san. First of, thanks for coming to the Summer of Sonic and everyone hopes your summer is going well for you. There are a few questions that I want to ask you about.

    1. With one of the pictures I have seen of your newest game ‘Sonic Lost World’, I have seen the world that will be taken place in the game with Sonic on the Tornado with Tails flying towards the world and it reminded me about the elements that Sonic Unleashed had, like that fact that part of world was broken off in little parts. Does that mean that you had some ideas from the hub world in Sonic Unleashed and put them with Lost World?

    2. Will we ever see the Chao Garden again in any sort of way? Like will be an added feature in a future Sonic game or have it’s own stand alone game? Or have you dropped the Chao Garden completely?

    3. I know this isn’t a Sonic question, but will we ever see NiGHTS in another game than just cameos? Because I think there might be some NiGHTS fans that want another game with NiGHTS because I know that I do.

  132. Jonathan Dixon says:

    There’s a video around featuring yourself, Naka-san and other members of Sonic Team going on a journey for the purpose of research for the original Sonic Adventure game on the Dreamcast (such as visiting old temples, looking at animals in the jungle etc), It looked like you all had a lot of fun, do you have any personal highlights from that trip? other interesting things or stories that happened on that journey?

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