At the Summer of Sonic, we love to showcase the many talented artists in the community and their passion for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise through art, cosplay and animations; all of which feature as significant components of each and every Summer of Sonic. This year we have once again invited a selection of guest artists to showcase their many original works at the art tables.

Thalia Evans (Swirlything)

Taking inspiration from the Sonic the Comic, Swirlything has developed a unique style of portraying Sonic in situations, from alternative futures to his pre-blue happy self. Swirlything has had artwork featured as Deviantart’s Daily deviation for “the most amazing tribute to the entire Sonic the Hedgehog franchise I have seen,” and has been involved in Sonic the Comic Online projects.

Amy Jeferies (Feniiku)

Feniiku has a talent for portraying the fluid motions of the blue blur as well as other popular SEGA characters such as NiGHTS. Not only a skilled artist, Feniiku is also master of disguise, and has cosplayed as many characters such as Blaze, Silver, Metal Sonic & Mephiles at various conventions. This year Feniiku will be hanging up the costumes in order to showcase the full breadth of her talents.

Amr El-Wakeel (Frobman)

You might well recognise Frobman’s name and style; that’s because for the past few years, Frobman has worked tirelessly to create the Sonic the Hedgehog In Brief animation, just for Summer of Sonic. His unique cartoony style is all about the humour, and he has brought laugher to the audience every time with hilarious jokes and animations. We felt that this year Frobman deserves a place front and centre, as a valued part of the Summer of Sonic community.

Be sure to visit all of our guest artists along with the Sonic the Comic Online team, who will be displaying their works in the art area throughout the day.

3 Responses to Summer of Sonic Guest Artists

  1. can’t wait to check these talented artists out.

  2. I know Frobman! And yeah, I should try and meet those other artists too… they have some great stuff on deviantART

  3. wow I can’t wait X3

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