sos12-logoIt’s what you’ve all been waiting for…details on how to get your ticket for Summer of Sonic 2013! We are once again pleased to be able to announce that for yet another year, tickets to the event are completely free!

Last year we saw an incredible response, in which Summer of Sonic tickets sold out in less than five minutes across three waves. We know that because of this some of you were unable to get tickets, and so this year we have specifically chosen a venue with an increased capacity in order to better meet demand.

Similar to last year, our tickets will be available in two waves. The first wave of tickets will be available from 7:00pm BST on Friday the 5th of July, quickly followed by our second wave at 6:00pm BST on Sunday the 7th of July. Each wave will consist of 450 tickets.

Our ticket system has also been improved; you will be able to select the number of people you require (a maximum of 4) on your ticket before you fill in the details form, so you won’t have to race to complete this before you can apply for tickets. The application form will be available through the Summer of Sonic ticket booking system.

We still expect tickets to sell rapidly, so if you are set on attending Summer of Sonic this year, we strongly advise you are ready and waiting at the moment our tickets are released.

See you on the 3rd of August!

76 Responses to Summer of Sonic Ticket Details

  1. You have no idea how scared I am this year. Failed in all three waves last year even though there was smoke coming off the keyboard! Only got a spare through shear luck. Gaaah… PANIC! @.@

    • You don’t need to race to fill in your details this year Claire! If you’re online at those times ready and waiting you’ll have a much better chance!

      • Well I’ve been made redundant this week so i got all the time in the world… :D

      • Could you elaborate please T? The above post says that we will only be selecting the number of tickets we need beforehand. That sounds like we’re still racing to fill in names and addresses and what have you.

        • Okie, if you recall last year (and in previous years too), when you opened the ticket page you had a full form to fill in. When you filled it in correctly, and clicked Submit, the system would then check to see if there were available places, and allocate them to you if there were. If not, then you just wasted your time hurriedly filling in the form for nothing.

          In this year’s system, the page you will see will only ask how many people you want on your ticket. When you select the number, the system will allocate places, and /then/ it will show you the full form which you can fill in at your own pace.

          • Francesca frearson says:

            so keeping fingers crossed t bird!! evy is waiting.,pacing up and down singing sonic heroes!!wish me luck and hope to see you and all lovely sonic people sat 3rd! we loved last year so much……thanx for doing it again………

            francesca and evy

      • Overlord says:

        Yeah, I’d like a clarification on that point as well… do you pre-pick your ticket numbers and at that point you have a ticket slot for a few minutes until you’ve put your details in? How is it working?

      • I cinda always race…

      • Francesca frearson says:

        hey t bird ! i have been checkin in every day……….no sign of tickets going out!!!please.let evy have a chance…….she loved it so so much last year…….got to meet all the family too………!her costume is ready and sonicsational………..not to be missed!!!waiting and nervous ……..sunday.let,s pray………….xxxxx

  2. Ooooh, those are some tricky old times to release tickets. I’m likely to be out of the house for both waves. I’ll try my best!

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  4. karl george says:

    finally its gonna be at a decent time for me, if i fail this year then atleast i can say its because i suck instead of blaming the timing (which was both at a time at which i was working).

  5. You can count me in. I’ll beat all of you guys/girls, win a ticket and race to the finish for SOS2013.

  6. If I wanted to get the tickets in Alberta, Canada Mountain Time, would that mean I would have to get them at 12:00 PM here?

  7. I always wondered why they go so quickly but now it makes sence. I’m sorry but it’s a stupid idea for them to be free because the real fans don’t get a chance and people who don’t care just but sell them online. Waaay over half of the people who actually want to go don’t get to.

    • Charging for tickets would create an awful lot of red tape for both the staff and Sega. True it would save an awful lot of trolls but who would buy a ticket from them, they would be reported straight away surely. There is a much better system in place than last year so lets just see how it goes. I for one am grateful that all these people, including the guests take their OWN FREE TIME and accept NO PAYMENT to out this on for us every year. Summer of Sonic forever! :D

      • Sorry for typos, dang iPhone…

        • Oh don’t get me wrong I reeally appreciate what Sega and peeps are doing, but I think it just might not be fair on the other fans as well as the staff who might not be appreciated as much as if real Sonic fans go. I only say this knowing how hard it is to actually get a ticket. I’ve tried year after year and not once got one and I consider myself a massive sonic fan. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, I just wanna go soooooo much!!

          • Best way to nab youtself a ticket is to be there right at the moment they are released! Unfortunately, the only fair way we can give tickets away is on a first come, first served basis.

          • I must agree with the pricing problem, I missed out last year because of it :/ I don’t understand why Sonic Boom in America has got a fee though and we don’t?
            Of course I shouldn’t be complaining that it is free, I am very grateful in that way! However I would rather that everyone gets the opportunity to go and have that fee :)

          • Dreadknux says:

            Everybody wants to come to Summer of Sonic! That’s the problem the team faces every year. It’s not particularly fair to say that people who manage to get a ticket don’t care about Sonic as much as those who don’t. Pretty much every ticket we’ve handed out has gone to a dedicated, true blue fan.

            Pricing is tricky, and Sonic Boom’s situation is not directly comparable to Summer of Sonic’s because of different laws between the US and UK. Also, the fact that this is a collaboration between fans and SEGA, as opposed to a straightforward SEGA event in Sonic Boom, means there would be, as Claire said, an awful lot of red tape.

            Believe Adam and the crew when they say that this really is the best, most efficient method for ordering tickets. :)

    • If I recall correctly from last year, you can’t sell them. They are linked to your name. It could be that you could just take a ticket for four people and sell the three “entries” that come with your ticket to random strangers, like you can do with group tickets for the train or something, but I would imagine that that is prevented as well. I don’t know though; last year I only used a single ticket.

    • Hogfather says:

      Yeah that doesn’t happen.

      And don’t you think that we constantly check to see if people are trying to flog their tickets.

      As for ‘Waaay over half of the people who actually want to go don’t get to.’ Son, capacity filled each year.

    • But how are you supposed to sell the tickets? I mean, they’ve got your name attached to them, right? And they said that you need to bring identification, so you shouldn’t be able to get in with a ticket that you didn’t order yourself, I thought…?

  8. It seems to me that I have to make a fast desicion to go or not as I have another trip lined up and I only have money for one.

  9. I’m working 2-10 on both days. If it’s anything like last year, I don’t stand a chance.

  10. Leigh Parker says:

    “Woah woah woah, hold your horses there, sport! We know you’re keen to get a ticket to Summer of Sonic 2013, but you’re a little bit early! This registration page is not set to go live until 7th July 2013 at 19:00 British Summer Time.”

    If the first wave goes out on the 5th…. why can we not register for site until 7th?!

  11. Marcustherocker says:

    Nice to see a better system in place but my fingers are still gonna be smoking across the keyboard though XD

  12. SWEET and finaly tickets have been announced :D I will be ready and waiting to grab mine :D already booked the train tickets to London now I just need the. Tickets to SOS 2013 and my summer is complete :D woop

  13. I can’t see me getting tickets this year, but even if I don’t I’m going to go to London and just see if I can meet up with people I know :)

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  15. Orleans Ofori-Brown says:

    I just hope it won’t be chaotic like last year.

  16. Lets hope my dad and I get a ticket this year! We might lose AGAIN! O_O

  17. Danny Hodges says:

    Thanks for improving the system I had a suggestion where there would be a countdown to the ticket launch as not all clocks are syncronised at the same time like some may be fast some may be slow e.t.c. just a little suggestion :)

    • If you take a look at the registration site, there’s a section showing the current time as we see it. Hopefully that’ll help.

  18. I ssssoooo need to go there again I’m working on a costume of a Cosplay costume contest if is on this year hopefully I MUST GO THERE!

    • Francesca frearson says:

      Hi.we too have a sonictastic costume ready and waiting!!..little evy has turned into sonic!!!.we so so must get there again…….fingers and all else crossed!!!..hope to see you there……..

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  20. Ismaïl DERRAJI says:

    Too bad I’m only 16. I would be there no matter what if I had a job :C.

  21. UsuraioHACKER says:

    whoooooh I’m so excited!!!
    Just a (silly) question: It’s this year a ticket entry-only again or anyone is welcome to join it?
    You know… fears from the last year XD

    • Tickets-only, again. Prior to 2011 we could (just about) fit in everyone that came along, but after the deluge of visitors that year, we’re happy with how the tickets-only approach went last year.

  22. Oh god. This is gonna be tricky to get. Hope that I can get 2 tickets

  23. tom carter says:

    I can’t wait, need to grab two of them

  24. NegaMetallix says:

    So, from the sounds of it, we only need to select how many tickets we need to go? To me, that sounds both great and worrying at the same time.
    The good news is that it’s going to be a lot easier to apply for tickets. The bad news… if you thought that the 100s of tickets sold in mere SECONDS last year was scary (with the full applications BTW), then I can’t even begin to imagine how fast this year’s tickets could disappear.
    Well, as a great man once said: “My body is ready.”

  25. Can’t wait to get a hold of a ticket. Looking forward to meeting new people again this year. Look out for me, wearing an orange hoodie as per the norm haha~

  26. Ready for Friday!

    By the way, the link on the Registration Page to the Summe of Sonic T&Cs isn’t working (though the Sega link is).

  27. Scientific Genius says:

    Oh dear, next weekend I’m at my parents place where the internet is much slower than at my flat or at work. Hopefully I still can grab one ticket otherwise I fly to London for more or less nothing.

  28. Thomas Runeckles says:

    Quick question regarding tickets… Do both a child under the age of 10 need a ticket? Of course their parent/guardian will need to but it’s just that since the event is family friendly its something I thought I’d check first.

    • Yes, basically anyone that comes will need to be on a ticket.

      The ticketing system is there to ensure that we don’t go over a legal capacity limit for the rooms that we have at the venue, so with that in mind a person is a person, no matter how small :)

  29. danielius says:

    Thanks for such an improvement concerning tickets.
    I’m coming from other country, but I am uncertain if few of my friends will go..
    So, my question is.. if i get a ticket for 3 people and if one or both of my friends can’t come: will i get banned from going inside? xD

    • Not at all :) Although, if that does end up happening, you can get in touch with us and we’ll make sure everything’s fine (and we’ll have one or two more tickets to give someone else…).

  30. Jeanvieve Massicotte says:

    :C Seriously? Why can’t Summer of Sonic be in New York? Or at least close to Canada. :c Or even more than 2 months notice on where the location is. This is so depressing ;~; even to hear that the tickets are /free/. Ragee D’x

    • You have Sonic Boom over on your continent, let us have Summer of Sonic on ours!:p (European conventions are small enough as it is…^^°)

    • Hogfather says:

      Please see our FAQ for why SOS can’t be held in New York of Canada.

  31. I booked my tickets today to fly from Ireland! It’ll be my third SOS in a row and I’m so excited to see friends old and make new ones too. Hopefully I’ll be lucky again this year in getting a ticket for myself and a friend in the first wave. I’ll also be doing a vlog for my channel for my experience.

  32. Sarger001 says:

    Can’t wait! I’ll be in the Mighty costume.


  33. Darren Coates says:

    I hope Crush 40 will visit again =D

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  35. Hey, I was wondering, how easy is it to cancel registration once you’ve clicked and submitted the number of people? Thanks in advance! :)

    • We have a support email address at If you drop us a line there, we can sort things out like cancellations no problem :)

      • Thank you for your reply :)
        Also, if I submit the number of people and I see the green message saying that I have a temporary reservation, once I’ve filled out the information can I assume that I’m in the clear and I have the tickets? Would that mean that I don’t need to worry about the second wave of tickets?
        Thanks again :)

        • Once you’ve filled in the info, it can still be rejected if there’s missing info, but you won’t lose the reservation if that happens. We’ll just point you back to the form and let you know what to change.

  36. After checking the side note on the ticket section, this is good. But does it hold up to 4 tickets when taking time to fill out the forum?

    • Once registration opens, you’ll be asked to select how many people you want on your ticket. As soon as you do that and submit it, the ticket will (as long as you were quick enough) be reserved, and you can fill the full form in from there.

  37. Mienshao says:

    Aaaahhhh wtff it’s 7 where are they

  38. AAAAAAHHH!!! All gone in only one second?!

  39. Mienshao says:


  40. Mienshao says:
  41. The Egg Carrier says:

    Welp. I’m pretty miffed. I mean, hell, 46 seconds was bad enough, but… wow. Gone. In like two seconds.

  42. This can’t be right!!! I connected at exactly 19:00 (previously checked clock at 4 seconds to go) All I had a chance to do was drop down for 4 tickets, submit and all sold out!!!! Something must be wrong; last year it took me 12 seconds to fill in the form (cutting and pasting there isn’t time to type!) and I finally got two tickets on the last shout.

    If they go this fast; shouldn’t the organisers consider a larger venue?

    Haz’s Dad

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