Hey all! Some of you may have already received them, but over the next few hours we will be issuing your Summer of Sonic tickets!

Your ticket is your pass into the Summer of Sonic event, so don’t forget to bring it with you on the day! You can print off a paper copy of your ticket, or if you have a suitable device such as an iPhone or an Android phone, you can bring an electronic copy instead. Remember to also bring along some form of identification, just in case!

When you receive your tickets, please double check all the details on it so there are no issues with entry on the day; if you haven’t received your ticket (check your spam folder!), or if details on your ticket are incorrect, please send an email to support@summerofsonic.com and we will help sort out issues you might have. Please include the link to your reservation, which can be found in the first email you received (or just reply to that email!).

9 Responses to Summer of Sonic Tickets Issuing Now!

  1. Just got my ticket :3 Seriously can’t wait for this convention!

  2. Can’t wait for this, this will be my 1st Summer of Sonic! :-)

  3. I am a big sonic fan and this might be my first time coming to the summer of sonic

  4. Can i still get a ticket

  5. I have a question for people who don’t have tickets can we still come along or is that not gonna be possible?

    • As has already been explained on the site, if you read up about it, this is a ticketed event only.

      • Awww… man…
        This is gonna be my second time I missed this event, is there anyway to help out the Summer of Sonic guys out?

        • Certainly, you can provide helpful information to others on the site when you see questions that you know the answer to; Just like Kani did for you :)

          Your support is all we need, and you can keep up to date on the day by following the livestream, so don’t feel like you’ll be missing out entirely by not being there in person.
          There’s a whole other gathering online to take part in on the day and have fun discussing what comes on the stage with others watching the stream!

  6. awww i can’t go :( i better wait for 4 years before i can go

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