No Way! I can’t believe this!

Our second wave of Summer of Sonic tickets have just flown out the door in a Super-Sonic 7 SECONDS! That’s a total time of 13 SECONDS for 900 tickets!

Congratulations to everyone who managed to get a ticket for this year’s event – we look forward to seeing you all in less than one month!

We have some absolutely awesome announcements to make this week…so awesome we can barely wait to tell you all! Stay glued to the Summer of Sonic new page, facebook and twitter throughout the week for news that will have you counting the days to this year’s event!

Thank you all for helping to make Summer of Sonic 2013 a ticket sales record-breaker!

54 Responses to Summer of Sonic Tickets Totally Sold Out!

  1. I counted 3 secs as my fiancée called me up after I finish filling my ticket he didn’t get in but lucky I put me and him in it XD

    all i am waiting are the tickets

  2. Will there be anymore waves or was that the last batch? :)

  3. OMG 13 SECONDS for 900 tickets wow well it proves that we are sonic fans here in the UK lol hahah well done to everyone that got tickets this year :)

  4. michael hadfield says:

    i managed to get an application but the confirmation email hasnt come through

  5. Yes I got some, that was so tense ^^’ but if there is a last wave, to the people that didn’t manage to get a ticket yet I wish you all the best of luck :)

  6. Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

    It’s just that I’m autistic and always wanted to go since last year. I don’t want to wait for another long year to have the chance again. I hesitated to find the bit to select the quantity of tickets, because I need two: one for me and one for my mum who is also my carer. I’m crying so much as I love Sonic so much. My mum has said she doesn’t even mind that we have to pay for the tickets.

    • Its the same for me…

      but the tickets are free… which means they probably don’t have any spare…

      • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

        Yeah, I just hope that there is another wave of tickets. If there is, I want to know when they will start selling.

    • Um… why don’t you try writing to … maybe they can make an exception? Just this once & for a true fan with a handicap?

      • All I want to know is if there is another wave or not… that and I’m A HUGE fan who has never even been before…

      • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

        You are amazing! Thank you ever, EVER so much!!!!! =’)

      • Problem with saying something like this, is that if the organisers make an exception for one person, they’ll have to do so for everyone. There may well be people who want to go who have even worse disabilities or illnesses; it wouldn’t be fair if they gave tickets to one person based on that.

        They do this in the fairest way possible and have to take into account how many people they can SAFELY have in the building.

        • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

          All right, then. I wasn’t being selfish and where I was making others with worse disabilities lose their chance to go, but I haven’t been to a Sonic convention at all. So, I guess I’ll have to wait for another year.

          • I mean, I dunno. Maybe if enough people have to cancel their plans and “return” their tickets, they may do a mini wave. But there are a lot of logistics to think about when organising an event, and adhering to health and safety rules, as well as those of the venue, are absolutely key.

        • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

          I know what you mean. I just don’t ever mean to act like I’m being selfish or greedy. It’s never my intention. But a friend of mine had guests who had to cancel their tickets, so they have given them to us, so we can go along with them now.

  7. Tracker_TD says:

    Congrats to those who managed to get tickets! Hope they have a great time this year – even as someone staying on the sidelines this year, I anticipate upcoming announcements.

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  9. Tracker_TD says:

    OK, supposedly on July 10th any unwanted tickets acquired in these waves are going back up. So, there may be one more chance.

  10. Bisylizzie says:

    Yeah, the first lot went REALLY quick. I still kinda can’t believe I managed to grab the two I needed. :/

    I mean, being a free event, they can’t really have a huge area for it, so the demand will exceed the supply by a huge margin. For all the “I got a ticket” you see multiple “I missed out” messages. :/

  11. Bennijin says:

    CRAAAAAP! My brain derped and told me the wave was going live at seven.


  12. LOL I do remember commenting on here an hour ago and for some old reason it got removed T-T

  13. I am still awaiting for my ticket i am too excited

  14. how long does it take for the tickets to be sent?

  15. ALL 900 tickets sold out in a total of 13 seconds just cant believe it wow

  16. Lucky I got a ticket! :)

  17. Finally I got one!
    Advise to people who are still hunting tickets:

    • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

      My internet was fine. I was just trying to find the bit where I could select the quantity of tickets to reserve. I guess I was too late, though. That’s the story of my life.

  18. I’m glad i got my ticket for SOS this year. Considering i lost out last year this time will be awesome !

  19. Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

    I have already emailed I am worried they may not reply quickly.
    I’ve heard that there were only two waves of tickets, not a third one. If there are only just two tickets that I could have, please send them to me. PLEASE!

  20. Pfft, 13 seconds. As if. Well, I guess I won’t be going this year. I’m OK with it, considering I missed all 3 ticket zones last year, and I completely forgot the year before. But on a serious note, you guys REALLY have to get a bigger server to host this page next year, because when the ticket zone finally opened, both my tablet and my laptop got a 502 server error. That’s kinda unfair in my opinion, because I’m completely sure that my internet is and was working fine when that happened. Now, I have to ask you guys something. If anyone part of the convention is reading, can you guys PLEASE give out all the leftover goody bags and purchasable merch online? Coz I heard you had a lot left over last year.

  21. I’m one of those people who went “every year”; however, the short notice announcement caused it so I’m now one of those people who wasn’t able to go. I already decided so in advance, before being so UTTERLY HAREBRAINED to book my travel without even knowing for sure if I’d be able to get a ticket or not.
    As for why the tickets aren’t paid, they already explained this several times on their respective Facebook page – having it be a paid event, even for a small amount, immediately causes a whole bunch of legalities and red tape that they have to sort out – and frankly, don’t have time for.

  22. They confirmed Jun Senoue. No word of “the other half” of Crush 40.

  23. Just to clarify, I had the page up at 6:50 and refreshed the page 3 times a second. The clock on the website was 100% accurate. The site went live between 7:00:01 and 7:00:02. I went straight to the bottom of the page and reserved my tickets.

    How did I know where to look? Simple – by being a part of the Sonic Stadium Message Board (SSMB). One of the staff made a very detailed topic on what to do to reserve your tickets. Most people hear about the event from word of mouth and then miss out because they aren’t prepared. This years system was fair for absolutely everyone. If you weren’t fast at typing or computer literate enough to know about auto fill settings, then you had a chance by being on time and clicking one button.

    This is a free event put together by fans using their own time and money so don’t say they don’t care about us. There are a lot of behind the scenes details that most people don’t consider, and charging for tickets is one of them. By charging, they would effectively be making money on the Sonic brand which makes things ten times more complicated and would slow the event organisation down even more.

    Just be grateful that fans like these exist. Yes, you will be disappointed that you can’t go. I failed to get tickets last year, and it really sucked as I’d had such a terrible year that it was the one thing I was looking forward to. How did I deal with not going? Again, simple – the Summer of Sonic Livestream. Sure, it’s not the same as going, but everyone was chatting about the event and the staff in charge of the stream did their best to keep us entertained throughout. It was a laugh!

    I’m sorry for those people who missed out but that’s just the way it is I’m afraid.

    • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

      I am being grateful. I’m not upset with the staff or anyone as I know how hard they have arranged different things, I am upset with myself because I was looking for the bit to select the quantity of tickets. Like you said, I can always watch the Livestream of it.

    • I’m glad to see this post – I’m getting really aggravated by people who are moaning that they didn’t get a ticket, but could have had that much more of a chance if they’d actually read up on the event and scoped out the website before the tickets came up.

      Surely if you’re that much of a fan and really want to go, research (instead of relying on others then lashing out at them when things don’t go to plan) is the way to go. But that could just be me (and you!).

      • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

        Oh, I know. I didn’t mean to be like that back there. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m very upset with myself. I never mean to be selfish or greedy. I’ll keep on trying, though! Thank you ever so much!

        • Oh, I don’t mean you specifically! A lot of people have been in such a mood over it, and I can’t help but think that a lot of them could have gotten tickets had they researched first.

          At the end of the day, these guys really try their best and could easily just stop doing the event altogether, but they do it because people love going. So I can only offer my highest kudos to them because I certainly couldn’t pull such a feat off myself.

          They do their best to take feedback into account and try and improve things every year!

          • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

            Oh, I know you didn’t mean specifically me, but I know myself that I got in a mood with all this. I never mean to be like that.
            Yes, sometimes we need to try again.

  24. has anyone received a confirmation that he really gets the ticket or when is the confirmation?

  25. So it says “Ticket Application Successful!” does that mean I can book train tickets? Or do I have to wait for further confirmation?

  26. Celestial_Wolf says:

    Unfortunately couldn’t make it this year due to holidays but still amazed at how fast they all went by. Gotta have Super Sonic Fingers if you want tickets for these that is.

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  28. Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

    A friend of mine gave me the two tickets after somebody else had to cancel them, so I am coming to the Summer of Sonic after all! My mum will be coming! I’m so happy! >v<

  29. How do we know if we got tickets or not?

    “We’ve just received your ticket application for the Summer of Sonic 2013 ?>. Right now it’s in a queue waiting for our reformed badniks to check the details.”

    and have still yet to hear anything.

    Sorry if I’m being impatient, I’d just like to know whether I got them or not ;;

    • Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

      It is said that you would have to wait until it is near the time when the Summer of Sonic occurs, then you can print out your tickets.

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  31. Burning-Fox says:

    Ah, shoot. Missed it again completely. xD Congratulations to those who get to go. Commiseration to who don’t. But that’s what happens in places like this. Tickets Sonic-boom right out the door. o3o Will be trying again next year if there are no more tickets coming.

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