We’re back, and this time we’re all powered up! We are pleased to officially announce the Summer of Sonic 2013 event!

What is the Summer of Sonic?

Since our humble beginnings back in 2008 the convention has grown from year to year, and we’ve been able to give thousands of hardcore fans the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of Sonic celebrities – from musicians and comic artists to developers at Sonic Team themselves! But at its core, the Summer of Sonic is really all about coming together and making friends with fellow fans!

Date and Location

…But enough about that. You guys and gals must be itching to know where and when we will be hosting Summer of Sonic this year, right? Well, we’re excited to be able to reveal that SoS 2013 will be held on Saturday 3rd August 2013, and will take place at the Westminster Central Hall in London, UK. Expect a full day’s worth of Sonic-based fun and entertainment… with a twist!

Heavy Metal

You might have noticed that Sonic is sharing the spotlight with another character on the Summer of Sonic website. That’s because, to mix things up a bit, we’ve decided to introduce a theme to this year’s convention. And the theme is – you guessed it – ‘Metal Sonic and Badniks’.

The robotic doppelgänger of our speedy blue hero, and the collective metallic minions of Dr Eggman, have the spotlight to themselves for 2013. But what does that mean? Well, while we can’t give too much away at the moment, suffice it to say that many of our events and activities will be Metal Sonic or Badnik related.

Budding artists and cosplayers will be pleased to know our contests will be making a return, and we will reveal more details in the coming weeks…so get started on those costumes! Don’t worry, though, you won’t necessarily need a Metal Sonic or Badnik themed costume to enter the cosplay this year… although it might help!

So there you go – Saturday 3rd August 2013. London, UK. And after the convention is over, there’s still more Sonic fun to come, as our friends at SEGA of America will be hosting the third annual Sonic Boom event in St. Louis MO, USA on Saturday 10th August 2013. Find out more about that event right here.

We will soon release details on how you can snag yourself tickets for the convention, so until then, stay excited, and let’s enjoy the Road to Summer of Sonic 2013 together!

59 Responses to Welcome to the Summer of Sonic 2013

  1. Neoshadowzac says:

    WOOOOOOO time for metal overlord to come back to the top!

  2. RikaFurude says:

    Well, looks like I can’t make it this year :(
    I’ll be seeing you guys next year.

  3. gotta rebooted way to fast! so haps!

  4. Luke Wholey says:

    Glad to hear the Con is still on. And it’s in a reasonable place to travel to. I hope we can play demos of ‘Sonic:Lost World’ and of course Frobman will be making a new animation to show.

  5. Metal Sonic as the main theme? Oh man this sounds like it’s gonna be good. It sucks I’m going alone, but nevertheless it will still be great! I can’t wait for this!

  6. See you there.

  7. Too short notice and in London again (and Westminister at that). I won’t be there again it seems.

    Have fun whoever’s going.

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  10. Glad to hear the news for this year’s convention. Hope to go this year ^^


  12. Very nice. Still super proud of you guys for taking initiative to organise yet another amazing event back home where it all started. ;)

    Unfortunately I won’t be makin’ it this year, I’ll be over in California getting ready for my studies in San Francisco. Gonna catch up with Aaron at Comic Con, I’ll commemorate the occasion in spirit with him before he heads off for Sonic Boom. *thumbs up*

    • I warned you last year about trying to skip out! *glares*

      No no, seriously though, hope it all goes well and you and Aaron have fun mate. Shall be a shame not to see you again this year, but there’s always next time! Take care mate! :)

  13. marcustherocker says:


  14. Yay can’t wait, but I know how hard it is to get tickets, so hope there are more this year!!

  15. I had thought, perhaps the date, at least, could have been announced sooner. I was very excited for this year, now I’m not sure if I’ll even be free. Ah well…

  16. sonsilv222 says:

    looks like i can make it this year so happy :D

  17. RenaDesu says:

    Awesome stuff! looking forward to it

  18. YESSS!!! Liking the venue capacity as well – hopefully a lot less disappointed fans this year! :D

  19. i wish i cuold go

  20. “Heavy Metal”

    My suggestions for special guests for METAL SONIC:


    LOL i dream so much xD

    /Hi from Brazil ^^

  21. Jason Wilkinson (JJW199) says:

    Now this is much better Westminster Central Hall :) now we have to wait for the ticket to be available

  22. I couldn’t get a ticket last year… so hopefully I will this time :D

  23. YES YES! Coming for my third year from Ireland! I’d never miss this weekend. :)

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  25. Looks like I’m going this year! (Well, assuming I can get a ticket X3)

  26. Yuyee Tucker says:

    Eeee! I can’t wait! :D

  27. Ed Thorpe says:

    I’d love to see a Q&A Panel with the voice cast. (I don’t mind if it’s original, 4Kids or current, i’d like to see a Voice Cast Q&A Panel)

  28. Super.way past cool… excited……..I am getting ready now!
    It looks epic!……..

    bye for now sonic evy………

  29. I really hope I can make it with my mate :) If we do get tickets that will be awesome!! Also we don’t live that far away which is a plus :)

  30. NegaMetallix says:

    Finally! I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store this year. My first (and so far only) SOS I went to was last year, but i LOVED it! Met some very awesome people too, so I’ll definately be trying to come back (even if it is gonna be a much longer journey than last year).

  31. Apart from the short timing of the date announcement (which appears to be why Boom was announced as well) I am looking forward to the live audio/video stream of the event! As for the venue, this may be the most fanciest SoS yet. XD

  32. Lol! My mom has to cancel a stupid flight to Switzerland for this! Don’t worry! You would rather be at Summer of Sonic then freezing on top of a mountain. :3

  33. I should be able to make this hopefully. Means I might miss my sister’s wedding drinks evening. Westminster is very easy for me to get to since it’s not too far from Waterloo(i think) & on the South Bank. Please let there be more tickets this year & easier to get a hold of.

  34. I have a serious question. how many people can the convention hall accomodate? Also i just realised this is only 6 weeks away.

  35. Actually a third Sonic event was also announced this day also :


  36. I’ve been waiting!! Was going to come last year but it was not in London at the time due to the Olympics BUT I’ll try to come this year.

    but does anyone know if they will have stalls where people will draw your sonic character and of course you have to pay them and it usually under a £5

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  38. SupremeForte says:

    I would love to come, I love Metal Sonic…

    Still I would have to get plane tickets xD
    maybe next time…

  39. Yeeeeey not that far for me I only live in wales and I’m a massive sonic fan since I was 6 and now I’m 15 so I’ll show my face ;)

  40. Yay! Already booked my flight tickets! You guys are the BEST. ;)

    But please announce things a bit sooner next time.

  41. Amazing Blue Kitty says:

    All aboard the Sonic Hype Train!

  42. awesome! i can’t wait! i would book my train but until i have a comfirmed ticket, as i know how fast they went last time, i’m gonna have to wait for the tickets, just hope they come up soon!

  43. Seriously can’t wait for this, so hoping I can get tickets for this! :-) awesome stuff though and keep up the good work guys!!

  44. TWICE i was unable to go due to personal reasons and i got tickets for both times too but i have always mailed in saying i am unable to go >< so fair on me mailing them saying i am unable to go :) so that frees up tickets for people who missed out


    And i hope to get tickets this time :D

    Hope the date of the tickets are released soon XD

  45. I’m very excited for this, actually hoping the tickets will cost something this year though after last year’s dramas!

  46. I hope i can make it again this year :)

  47. I’m hoping tickets are announced soon, also i read on the SOS twitter feed that you can only fit around 1,000 people. I really want a ticket for this. i’m going by myself and it’d be a shame if people decided to get tickets in bulk, and not actually need them. any chance this year you could give single/2 people a chance to get tickets first?

  48. Shadey Chaos says:

    Yes! It’s back! My true home is back! Let’s have some fun!

  49. OMG Summer Of Sonic THX Guys

  50. Excellent, Im not working this year again :) Hopefully I can attend again!

  51. Hope the tickets are going to be available within the next week or so. Only 5 weeks on saturday so it’s gonna be difficult to plan stuff until i get a ticket.

  52. There better be Scratch and Grounder.

  53. Aurora-cs says:

    I would have liked to have come last year but because of the location I couldn’t. I agree with everybody wanting the ticket situation to be different this year because each wave sold out in less than a minute and I don’t fancy my chances of getting one unless it’s different. So won’t be booking time off until I know if I can get one or not *fingers crossed*

  54. Happy Person says:

    YESSS! Finally In London!!! Thank You Thank You THANK YOU! Since it’s in my town and I don’t have to travel far I think I’ll be kl…

  55. Danbuster says:

    But why did it take so long to get to announcing stuff this year? ^^;

  56. Woo!

    This’ll be my first year! :D

    For anyone who has been before, do the tickets cost anything? And what time is the convention usually on at?

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