Summer of Sonic is the place to be to meet your idols face-to-face! Throughout the day there will be several sessions in which you will have the opportunity to meet the likes of Takashi Iizuka, Kazuyuki Hoshino and Jun Senoue and to get their autograph as a memento of the event.

The timetables for all of the guest appearances are now available on the events page and will be advertised in the Summer of Sonic programme.

Last year we implemented a very successful set of rules that prevented many of the frustrations of past years including snaking queues and long waiting periods. Again, we’d like to set a few ground rules that will ensure as many fans as possible have a chance to meet the stars of the show.


1. There is a strict one autograph per person rule in place each session; lots of fellow attendees will want to grab a signature too, so rather than bring your entire collection along for signing, pick out something that will look awesome with an autograph on it! It saves you having to bring lots of things with you too!

2. As the signing sessions are extremely popular, there will be no opportunity to go behind the desk for photos with the guests at this session. The stars understand this too, and will try to come out onto the event floor for photos if they have spare time. However, as their schedules during the day are all very busy, this may not be possible. Please be understanding of this.

Queuing will only be allowed within the designated queuing area. This will be clearly marked with a member of staff on hand to help. If you are queuing outside of this area, you will be asked to move away in order to avoid unnecessary congestion.

4. Queue jumping will not be tolerated; this includes holding spaces for friends.

5. The signing desk queue will be opened 10 minutes before the start of a signing session, so that we can start the sessions as soon as the guests are available. If you are desperate to get a signature, we suggest you get to the queue early!

6. Once the queuing area reaches capacity the gates will be closed, but will be re-opened at regular intervals up until around 20 minutes before the end of each signing session. The staff will advise you on when to return in order to join the queue and when the queue is shut.

7. Please respect the staff manning the signing desks, and follow their instructions. Rudeness to our staff will not be tolerated at all.

Please abide by all of these rules, but most of all have fun, and enjoy meeting the stars!

15 Responses to Meet the Guests! Signing Desk Sessions

  1. Joe Gardiner says:

    OMG I can’t wait to get Takashi Iizuka to sign my original copy of Sonic Mega Collection Plus for Xbox (it got me started on the Sonic franchise back when I was a youngling at a game shop :D) because He started His work with SEGA with Sonic 3 & Knuckles, my favourite game of all time! He was also involved with making SADX, the PC version being my first 3D experience with Sonic :D

    By “one signature per person”, does that mean I can’t get a signature from both Iizuka and Senoue? The music in the Sonic series is my favourite music ever. It means a great deal :)

    • Joe Gardiner says:

      ((By “first 3D experience with Sonic, I am not counting Sonic 3D Blast: Flickies’ Island or Sonic Labyrinth, those were isometric 3D rather than perspective))

      • Dr Spudhead says:

        Don’t worry, you can get stuff signed by all of them. It just means you can only get 1 thing signed per guest. For example you could get Generations for Iizuka, Cd for Hoshino or Adventure for Jun, but they can not sign more than one thing, like Jun csnt sign your copies of Adventure and Heroes.

    • While the post does not make it clear, I would assume the system is the same as last year, in that each person may have one autograph per star. So yes, you could get one from Iizuka and Senoue rather than having to choose =D but only one from each.

  2. StardustDestiny says:

    I have a question about this, I was wondering if more than one star can sign one thing. Like for example, if Jun and Iizuka can sign a copy of Sonic Generations or something like that, I’m just a bit confused about that, since this will be my first time coming to Summer of Sonic.

  3. NegaMetallix says:

    Oh, this is gonna be great! Looks like I’ll be taking my copy of Sonic 3 for Jun (due to his sound work on the game), Sonic Rivals 2 for Iizuka (since he was the Director, Producer and more for that game) and Sonic Heroes for Hoshino (because… well, Metal Sonic, of course!).

  4. I’m totally going to get my copy of Sonic 1 signed by Yuji Naka! :D

  5. Stefan Leigh-Lancaster says:

    So, for example, if I wanted to see Ferran Rodriguez and Jun Senoue, I have to choose only one of them?

    • I’m not sure why so many people are finding this such a difficult concept to grasp. You can see ALL of the special guests, and you can get a signature from ALL of them, but you are restricted to one signature PER GUEST.

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