If you aren’t sure of the best way to spend your day at Summer of Sonic, then look no further! We’ve put together a full guide to Summer of Sonic 2013, so whether you want to show off your costume, meet a particular guest, or are itching to have a go on a game (or all of the above!), you can plan your day with ease.

The timetable is broken down into what’s happening on the Main Stage and various ‘zones’ that are situated in the two halls. Times for all stage events – as well as the fan animations, signing desk sessions and even the appearances of Sonic himself – are given on this page.

Admission of attendees will begin when doors open at 10:00am, but Summer of Sonic 2013 will not officially kick off until 11:00am; this means you don’t need to rush to get into the venue in the morning and you can relax a little bit more if you are delayed. Make sure you’re standing by the Main Stage at 11:00 if you want to be there when we officially open the event! The convention will close after Jun Senoue’s performance at 19:00pm.

You can find the full schedule on the events page on site.

We are now only days away from the Summer of Sonic 2013, and even we are finding it hard not to get excited!

10 Responses to Summer of Sonic 2013 Event Schedule

  1. Looks like a brilliant schedule. Hats off to all the organisers of the event, you’ve put together an excellent day. I have just one question, in an earlier announcement it said that there you ‘d fundraising throughout the day for SpecialEffect. And i’m curious as to what you guys have planned for fundraising. Will it be raffle tickets, merchandise, activities… Cheers

  2. William B says:

    Can’t wait! But i’m a little worried about something.

    Are we supposed to have our tickets now? Cause with the original confirmation email I received, the first link brings me to a page saying that the tickets are sold out, whilst the second brings me to a page with the application form filled in with my details saying that it’s pending. I know I definitely have a ticket though, because the email says ‘Your SOS ticket is ready’. But like I said, the link to the actual ticket itself doesn’t work. I’m just a little concerned by this.

    • Joe Gardiner says:

      Eventually, you should receive an email with a link to the ticket’s image file which you may print out. After the ticket details have finished pending and stuff.

  3. no club sonic? D:

  4. The Ao erizo says:

    Hey, does anyone know when the livestream will commence on YouTube? I’m on the East Coast in the US, so I’m assuming it’s not going to start @ 10:00 on my end, will it? Any info before the day of will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

    • London (United Kingdom -England)

      Saturday, 3 August 2013, 10:00:00

      New York (U.S.A. – New York) Saturday, 3 August 2013, 05:00:00

      Hope that helped! :-)

  5. I’d think it would cool on the games section all of the main sonic games are there. So it will be like traveling through history! :-)

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