Calling all merch-hogs! We’ve got a heap of announcements today that will have you counting down the seconds to Saturday!

First off, we are very pleased to announce the return of Summer of Sonic goodie bags! Each attendee of Summer of Sonic will receive a bag full of Sonic the Hedgehog goodies upon arriving at the event. What’s in those bags? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

If that simply isn’t enough merchandise for you, then you’ll need to bring some pocket money! Official Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise will be available to purchase in the merchandise area throughout the day, items such as T-shirts, toys and many other things you won’t find in the shops!

As many of you will know, we are supporting the charity SpecialEffect at this year’s Summer of Sonic, a great cause that you can read all about in our article. To help raise money for the Charity, SEGA, Insert Coin Clothing and SUMO Digital have kindly donated many fantastic prizes, including a Nintendo Wii U, a Nintendo 3DS, a £100 Insert Coin voucher and Sumo Digital goodies, all of which can be won by purchasing a raffle ticket. All of the funds raised from raffle ticket sales will go directly to the charity.

Summer of Sonic 2013 is definitely the place for Sonic swag!

9 Responses to Summer of Sonic 2013 Goodie Bags, Merchandise and Raffle

  1. You guys are always nice like this. Way past cool!

  2. candice murchie says:

    when will the be in the sonic the hedgehog merchidse?

  3. i have got some pocket money waiting!………can,t wait………..


    And Im Glad It’s Sonic Merch Coming And It’s Only 2 Days!

  5. Check out for a sneek peak of one of the new t shirts we’re bringing.

  6. NegaMetallix says:

    Oh, I just can’t wait! Two. More. Days!

    It’s good to know that we’ll be getting free goodie-bags again (oh, and if there’s a Worlds Collide comic in there, I’m gonna be so happy!) and I’m definately signing up for that raffle, especially when it’s for a good cause. (…And a chance to get a Wii-U.)

  7. Question: How do we purchase the raffles?

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